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                Ceramics insulation block equipment/ Cement foam block equipment

                Fully-automatic environmental foam block production line for large-scale production of ceramic foam concrete block, ceramic aerated block brick, cement foam brick, foam concrete brick, steam-free block production line equipment. This set of equipment which is multifunctional used for the production of load-bearing capacity of ceramic aerated block and non-load-bearing self-insulation foam concrete brick, and the external wall insulation, fire doors core board. The entire production line to automation, low cost of human resources as the basis, the use of digital electronic control and automation technology, with a variety of high-precision electronic and the valve, so that each process are in control, and product stability, quality and stability, while reducing the operating staff of about 40%.As 30 million cubic meters of annual production line for example, whole production line area is about 4,000 square meters, is expected to annual output value of more than 70 million yuan. The whole line is divided into: preparation system, mixing system, transmission system, maintenance system, stripping system, cutting system and lifting system composed of six parts. Full line of automatic production cycle, only with electronic control operator, production management and forklift drivers, to a high degree of automation.

                Environmental protection foam brick automatic production line need to cooperate with the company's formula can be used. Our company have mastered the traditional foam from the insulation on the basis of concrete formulations, the first free from the cement foam insulation block. Not only greatly improved the performance of the foam from the insulation block, reducing costs and reduce energy consumption. Its material selection is more extensive, in addition to the traditional river sand, fly ash, slag powder, stone powder and other materials, blast furnace slag, tailings, recycling environmental protection.

                If adopting industrial garbages like coal fly ash to produce environmental foam brick. It is not only able to cope with pollution, save fund in pollutant discharging fee, Protect environment and land, but also able to reuse these inductrials garbages as resources, to create a valuable economic value. Take annual capacity of 50,000 cubic meters foam concrete for example, it can use 18,000 tons of coal fly ash, which can save an amount of 980,000 Yuan Chines RMB pollutant discharging fee for power plant and creat economic value of an amount of 3.2 million Yuan Chinese RMB. By comparing with solid soil bricks, it can save an amount of more than 3,800 tons of standard coal,save a land area of 66,660 square meter. Obviously, if adopting this project process technology and equipment to make environmental friendly foam brick, its social value occured will be large, which will be far surpass its economic value of the enterprise.

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