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The Ultimate Geography Quiz.

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Did you know that there are only 2 landlocked countries that are entirely surrounded by other landlocked countries?
Did you know that the median age in Niger is less than 15 years?
Did you know that the plug type G is the most common in South Arabia?
Did you know that South Africa has 3 capitals?
Did you know that Mongolia is the least densely populated country in the world?

All the Features YOU want

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+10K questions
The numbers are overwhelming, we will really test your knowledge about geography.
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+50 categories
The questions cover a huge variety of topics.
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8 levels
The questions are organized by levels to make progress easier. There are 8 main levels and 4 sub-levels for each of these.
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3 hearts
The player has 3 chances to pass all levels or get as far as possible.
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30 seconds
There is a 30 second time limit to answer each question.
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4 options
The question has 4 possible answers but only one is correct.
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3 lifelines
There are 3 lifelines to overcome the most difficult questions, because we know that nobody knows everything.
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Share your results with the rest of the world and try to place yourself on top.
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We have made the list with 195 countries and 3 independent states.
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Share your results on social media and get great rewards.
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