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MasterPhoto is the best photo editing app for iOS. It's like having desktop Photoshop at your fingertips.

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MasterPhoto is powerful ... very powerful! Manage projects, create layers, take control of the history of changes, apply filters and transformations, add traces, texts and shapes; erase, hide split, or delete content; import and export images, etc, etc.

All the Features YOU want

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Manage multiple projects easily at the same time.
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Work with multiple layers, name them, sort them, change their opacities, customize their blending method, or just combine them.
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Take control of change history, undo or redo any changes in your project, even after closing it.
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Apply filters to the layers of your projects, blur, noise reduction, color adjustment, stylisation, etc... with the most professional level of customisation.
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They could not miss the usual options: move, rotate or scale any layer.
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Paint a digital masterpiece or just draw a quick sketch of what you have in mind when you don't have paper and pencil.
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Put into words what you cannot say with an image. But you can still applying colors, gradients, effects, and blending methods.
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From circles to stars, with or without a border, with solid colors or gradients. You choose!
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Do you want to erase part of an image? You got it. Do you want to erase with blur? You got it. Do you want to erase complex areas that have similar color? You got it!
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Import images from anywhere, just copy and paste them into your project or vice versa!
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Convert an image that was rectangular to one that is square. You can even convert that rectangular image into a group of smaller contiguous images, perfect for Instagram.
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See the content in the way that best suits your preference.
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Ogirdor MasterPhoto

Download MasterPhoto for iOS right now for FREE. And if you like it, get an annual Subscription for the price of a coffee.

(Annual subscription price USD 2.99)